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In an organization, security is always important and in most of the organization the threat comes as unauthorized or unrestricted access. To overcome this security threat Biometric security solution is the best possible solution. Biometric system solutions are used for security and monitoring system, which enable organizations to use their infrastructure and resources in best possible way.

Another important use of Biometric solution is attendance monitoring. The most commonly used Biometric solution method is fingerprint recognition which is being used in schools, colleges, various government and non-government organizations across the world. One of the most commonly used security method is Proximity card. Proximity card (or prox card) is a generic name for contactless integrated circuit devices used for security access or payment systems, most commonly known as contactless smartcards. But with the fast changing world, organizations are using integrated method of smart card with biometric software. This is proving to be a success in organizations or highly secured facilities around the world.

Biometric Security Solutions

  1. Fingerprint Recognition
  2. Smart Cards
  3. Security Tokens
  4. Encryption Systems
  5. Face Recognition
  6. Iris Recognition
  7. Voice Recognition