Softfanatics is a leading custom healthcare software company. We have a strong understanding of the HIPPA compliances and healthcare standards such as HL7 (Helath Level seven), CCD (Continuity of Care Document), CCR (Continuity of Care Record), CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) etc. and we meticulously apply them during the development phase.

In the last 6 years, Softfanatics has been engaged in delivering high quality healthcare software solutions. We as one of the most well known healthcare software providers have been working with many reputed hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes and private clinics across the globe for developing their medical solutions.

Our in-house healthcare software system developers are skilled in deploying numerous healthcare solutions and have helped some of the big IT giants to lead in the health care industry. Our optimum healthcare software solution driven approach is coupled with dedicated product development team to ensure that the product objectives are met with the highest quality and it maintains sustainability by complying industrial standards. As we understand the value of time and sensitivity of time-to-market pace, we develop cost-effective healthcare software solutions.

Healthcare software services offering

  1. Hospital management system (HMS)
  2. EMRs (Electronic Medical Record) solution development
  3. EHRs (Electronic Health Record) solution development
  4. Patient repository system
  5. Medical device software
  6. RFID & Barcode tags for medical equipment maintenance
  7. Integration with third party APIs, SDKs
  8. Cloud migration
  9. Big data & reporting, analytics and consulting
  10. Ongoing support and maintenance

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