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With options galore, custom e-commerce development can be done on a lot of platforms. It is important to characterize the product according to business requirements. User interface and User experience are the most critical factors for an online store.

It takes more than just coding or writing a program to deliver a successful e-commerce solution. It takes INNOVATIVE IDEAS and LOADS OF CREATIVITY.

  1. Dedicated development team
  2. Configuration of shopping options
  3. Customized payment gateways
  4. Responsive design building
  5. Custom module development and integration
  6. Customization of themes
  7. High quality custom e-commerce templates
  8. 3rd party integration
  9. Single point of contact throughout the application building process
  10. Easy management of your online store
  11. Increasing the visibility of your online store to bring more traffic

e-commerce service offerings

  1. POS (Point-of-Sale) system development and integration
  2. B2B and B2C e-store development
  3. SCM , CRM and ERP development
  4. Integration with various payment gateways
  5. Store management, inventory management, order management etc.
  6. Discount vouchers management
  7. E-commerce application migration and maintenance
  8. Business intelligence and reporting