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Media and Events

We understand how crucial it has become to do an ethical distribution of any information, so we strive to offer technological assistance to companies dealing in media and events. Softfanatics has core expertise in developing industry specific event management software solutions, catering to all the phases from development to deployment. Our professional work approach and unique business practices leverage your business model with re-defined SOA infrastructure that enables you to manage and optimize business processes.

With this, we help in the dispersion of the content. Using cutting edge technology, we create solutions that have a wide user experience and reach. We facilitate networking, email communication system, content collaboration, prototyping, activity management system and similar activities.

We have delivered many solutions based on broadcasting, A/V streaming and conferencing tools and we also have expertise in working with various media servers.

Media and Events service offerings

  1. Broadcasting system
  2. Online Publishing contnt management system
  3. Corporate Webinar
  1. Event management system
  2. Email communication
  3. Registration software
  4. Activity management
  5. Event Support services
  6. Attendee Tracking/RFID/Access Control system

If you are looking for any form of solutions related to media and events, then send us an e-mail at or feel free to call us at : (+91) - 9891959492, 8010053549.