Open Source Integration


Open Source Integration

The open source technologies have brought about a paradigm shift in how web technology investments are looked at and understood by businesses across the globe. The complete space of open source is full of new opportunities and cost efficiencies that can be attained while building online business solutions and web technology implementations. Open source technologies have been labeled as the great levelers between big businesses and small or cost sensitive companies, it is one of the most fitting examples of technology changing the face of php application development, thus giving e-businesses the power to make it work, regardless of their sizes and budgets.

Open source solutions, technologies, joomla web development platforms and frameworks have provided a huge impetus to the web development community by allowing development of functional e-commerce and other feature rich websites, in lesser time and cost. Negating the cost of licenses and trademark issues.

Our Open source initiative group comprises of techies that have been living the open dream for the last so many years. They are a happy to jump on an opportunity to present what open source can do for a business and have successful projects in the kitty to make that claim.

open source technologies highlight

  1. Joomla web development
  2. WordPress integration and component development
  3. Magento e-commerce solutions
  4. PHP application development
  5. PHP MVC framework development
  6. Cake PHP development